You Are A Badass Book Review


One of the reasons why I love reading so much is because books truly have the impact to change your life. This is why You are a Bad Ass by Jen Sincero is one of my favorite books.

The book is not your mother’s self help book, and is truly unlike any other. It approaches the topic of changing your life and giving you the momentum to actually go out there and do it. Sincero approaches each with of the 27 chapters with wit and is extremely entertaining. In fact, one of the chapters is called “Your Brain is Your Bitch.” Take that, Freud.


What I like most about this book is that it reminds you that you have the tools to change your life, and that it is up to you to change the way you think to get change. The attitude of being a bad-ass is something that you can bleed into your daily life – whether it may be doing something because you want to, or deserve it, or going for things because you want to. She also prompts you to stop thinking about doing something, and start doing it. Being a badass means forgoing any feedback from others, and doing things your way. This is something each and every one of us could use more of.

Furthermore, this book also talks about going out of your comfort zone, and trying something that you always wanted to try for the hell of it, whether it may be sky diving or taking an art class. By doing things for the hell of it, Sincero stated that you learn to enjoy life, and it’s worth it.

However, what is unique about this book is how Sincero ends each chapter with two simple words – love yourself. Two simple words that truly have an impact on a reader who may need to hear them during a time of turbulence.

A little background information about my relationship with this book: it was actually recommended to me by my therapist. Since I read it back in September, my attitude towards life has done a complete 180. For example, when something in my life isn’t working – a relationship, job, for instance – I refocus my energies to figure out why that is and what can I do to find a resolution. Sincero writes that when you don’t you allow others (and yourself) to feel sorry for you. But, instead of allowing that to happen, you get out and do something about it, thus allowing change in.

Because of reading this book, I was able to have the attitude to go out and get what I want, and that I actually deserve it. Why, you may ask? Because I am truly a badass, and completely worth it.

Reading this book made me want to kick ass and get off of mine to do something about my life. With that being said, I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to change their life or is unhappy with it. Why? Because you too, are a badass.


Milk and Honey Lives Up To The Hype

Out of the 64 books that I have read this year, there is one book in particular I will definitely read again. That book is “Milk and Honey”by Rupi Kaur.

I had wanted to read this book for a while now-it had been very highly recommended by a several different friends, and after receiving a gift card (which was a graduation gift), I had finally decided to purchase it.

After finally getting my hands on the book, I eagerly finished my Hemingway novel I was reading, as I was anxious to finally read the words that everyone was buzzing about. It was worth the wait, and I consumed the book within an hour, as I was engrossed in Kaur’s beautiful prose.

“Milk and Honey” is a poetry book that is comprised of four parts-hurting, loving, breaking, and the healing, and some of the poems were accompanied by illustrations by Kaur.

The book talks about trauma, and about falling in and out of love, approaching heartbreak and self love in a way that everyone who has been in a relationship that has ended can relate to.

Via The poem “Balance” appears in the fourth part, and offers a change of perspective of gratitude. 

Overall, I thought that Kaur did an amazing job with each poem, along the pictures that accompany the poems, as each of them enhances their meaning.

This book came with a lot of hype, and with books that come with the amount of hype that this book did, they often fall short.

However, with “Milk and Honey,” it did not only live up to the hype. It surpassed it.

I believe this book has all of the components to what makes a good book, as it draws you in to the point where you can not put it down, has something that pretty much everyone relate to, is well written, and is simply powerful. What I especially loved were the poems about strength, gratitude and learning to love yourself, because I felt both empowered and inspired after reading them.

Therefore, I recommend this book highly to everyone out there, no matter what gender you are. I especially recommend this book to someone who is going through a breakup or a heartbreak, because of the comfort it offers to those who need it.

So, if you are looking for a good book to spend your holiday gift cards on, look no further. “Milk and Honey” is the book to get. Chances are, it will earn a place of honor on your shelf, as it did on mine.

*Writer’s Note: All opinions are my own, and I am reviewing this book simply because I enjoyed reading it, not because I received it to write a review.

Conscious Uncoupling: A Break Up Must Read

Disclaimer: I’ve recieved this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

The book “Conscious Uncoupling” helps offer you a healthy perspective of a breakup. 

Let’s face it: break ups are not fun. It is safe to say that we all can come to that consensus. I always say that the only way to truly know someone is to break up with them, as the way that they break up with you or react to your breakup (or how a friend takes a breakup) can show a lot about their personality.

Breakups have also become a huge topic in literature. When I went through one a few months ago, I decided to go to the bookstore to look for some resources on the subject, only to be confused by the wide variety of books that are out there. So with so many books on how to break up, how do you know which ones are the ones worth spending your money on?

Katherine Woodward Thomas’ “Conscious Uncoupling” is that very book. The book is organized five steps-find emotional freedom, reclaim your power and your life, break the pattern, become a love alchemist and create your happily even after life. Each of these steps helps comfort you in a time of heartbreak and gives you the tools to not only cope effectively, but become better than before.

What I liked about this book is that it explores the ideas of letting go and maintaining a healthy relationship with your former partner, as well as learning how to find strength within. Cliche? Yes. But, I found it to be really helpful, and I believe that anyone would as well.

For instance, one of the things that I really liked was changing how people talked about your former partner. When I broke up with my ex-boyfriend, my friends as a way to support me, said that he was a jerk and that they didn’t like him anyway. I found that  However, after reading Thomas’ book, I want to correct them and say we both were at fault, and that I am not the victim.

While this is only one of the many things this book has, this book also offers readers a look of at patterns that one has in relationship. Because of this, I was able to take a look at who I am as a girlfriend, and what I could have done better in my previous relationship. For instance, I could have been more honest with my partner, and more open to him. I also could have asked him how he was feeling when it came to my anxiety. However, while I can not change the past, I can change the future and continue to evolve as a person, an even better one for whenever I do get into a relationship.

And, it all started with this book.

So, if you are going through a break-up, whether it may mutual or otherwise, the “Conscious Uncoupling” is the book for you to read. Trust me, it will help you get through it. And if you’re still trying to move forward, this book also offers you a great resource to help you take those next steps in your life.