Can We Please Stop Talking About Taylor Swift?

As many of you know, I’ve become slightly turned off of Taylor Swift. The one of the reasons is because I am really not a fan of her latest album Reputation. Sure, there’s a couple of awesome songs such as Call It What You Want To, New Year’s Day, and . . . Ready For It? However, this album didn’t measure up for me.

But, there’s one other thing that really bothers me about her. It’s the fact that whenever she does something, it becomes a leading news headline. Or, if she releases anything — music videos or music — everyone seems to be going insane.

Now, I’m going to say this — if you’re a fan of Taylor Swift I’m not going to say that you’re wrong for it. It’s America, you can like what you like, and you shouldn’t feel guilty for it. I am certainly trying to not make any feel guilty for liking her, because you’re not doing anything wrong for liking music.

With that being said, I also want to vocalize my own opinion. And, that is I’m tired of all of the hype that Taylor Swift’s music videos get. I just googled the words Delicate and nearly 2 million results popped up. Some of those articles were to report that the video had premiered. Others reported the missing Easter eggs that the video had.

My reaction? Who the hell cares?

Sure, it’s news. It’s music news. But, do people go this insane when another artist (with the exception of Beyonce) have a music video? No. Do people dissect it for a million different clues when they come out? Absolutely not.
Therefore, I must ask why are we doing so for Swift? I get it, her fanbase is huge and a lot of people like her. But, does it need to be constantly discussed? No.

At the end of the day, it’s just a music video. It’s not something more than that, so therefore, can we please stop analyzing and discussing it?


Lent 2018 Update 1

Lent is almost halfway over, and I figured it would be a good time for me to give you all an update of how I’m doing with my challenge.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve given up buying books for Lent. I’ve actually done this last year, with much success. Last year, I’ve read 11 books. However, I don’t think that I’ll be as successful.  So far, I’ve read two Jodi Picoult books — Perfect Match and Keeping Faith. Currently, I’m reading Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige. I’m hopeful that I finish that book over the weekend!

My goal this year is to read six books this year, which I’m certain I can easily do considering that I’m on number three. After I finish Stealing Snow, I plan to either read Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind Of Girl, or Khaled Hosseini’s And The Mountains Echoed. I also have some Stephen King books that I’m dying to dive into!

Before Lent ends, I plan to do an additional update. Hopefully then, I’ll be much closer to my goal! And, while I am a little disappointed that I didn’t knock out several titles like I did last year, I am proud to say that I didn’t have any ‘cheat days!’ 

Let’s Hear It For The Women

In case you already haven’t heard through social media, today is the 43rd International Women’s Day. Today is a day that we celebrate all women, all that we’ve accomplished, and all that they aspire to day. Furthermore, I think it’s so important that we acknowledge women and the crucial role they play in our society.


I’m a tiny bit biased when I say this, but we would be nothing without women. However, we fail to acknowledge their worth, for whatever reason. And, that’s unfair. Women are just as valuable as men.

So, why do we continue to belittle them? Why does a woman make less than a man? Why do women continue to struggle to be taken seriously? And, why do the rules continue to be written differently according to gender?

Beats me.

Therefore, today’s let’s hear it for all of the women out there. Because, let’s face it, we’re pretty badass. Women can accomplish anything that men can do. But, what makes them different is that we do it while wearing dresses, and wearing high heels. We do it while dealing with the mind numbing cramps of menstruation, the pain of childbirth, and the craziness of pregnancy.

This is why they deserve a voice. What’s awesome about it, is that in the past year, they have been using it. Women have been speaking up in movements such as #MeToo and marching in Washington. We almost had a woman president. They have been getting louder, and getting things done.

And, I think that it’s awesome — despite the fact that we still have a long way to go. But, we’ve made progress from over 50 years ago. And, today we should applaud that.

Let’s be honest, women have the ability to rule the world — no matter what their rule is. So, today, let’s hear it for all of the ladies out there. Let’s hear it for the single mothers who work hard to be both mom and dad while maintaining a full time job. Let’s hear it for the millennials that are working hard just to find a place in this world as a young professional. Let’s hear it for the stay at home mothers who make sure their house is a happy home for their families. Let’s hear it for the single career women who work hard everyday to make an impact. Let’s hear it for the social workers who are impacting their patients, one by one.

But, most importantly, let’s hear it for the girls. You know, the little women who will inherit the world. Let’s give them hope and a better world than what we had. Let’s remind them that they can do anything that they set their mind to. Let’s remind them that while they can be princesses, they also can be superheroes. 

Today we celebrate all of them. Today we celebrate progress. Today we celebrate women.


Rest In Peace, Grandma


My grandmother, Joanne, passed away last Friday. Therefore, I would like to dedicate today’s post to both remember and pay tribute to her.

When I think about my grandmother, one of the first things that comes to mind is her ability to overcome obstacles. My grandmother was 21167183_10214128900644899_7406489053310996333_odiagnosed with Polio Disease when she was younger. Although she made a full recovery, she still had roadblocks. Despite them, she still had two children — something she was told she couldn’t do — as well as had a long lasting career.

You go, grandma.

But, what I remember most about her, is the pride that she had for each and every one of her grandchildren. She wanted to be there for all of the big moments — birthdays, holidays, high school graduations, college graduations and proms.

One thing I will never forget is when I graduated college. She — along with my grandfather — watched the livestream on her home computer since she couldn’t make the commencement. I remember as I was walking onto the stage, she tried to Facebook Message me to tell me that she was watching. She instead video-called me instead, which I did decline. Later on, she shared every post that I had, just to tell her friends that her granddaughter had graduated.

But, while the big moments are great, she was also there for the little ones — conversations on the phone, her picking me up from class or bringing me to driver’s ed, and Sunday dinners. While I can’t remember the date of those little moments, they are woven into the fabric of our relationship.

While my grandmother loved her human children and grandchildren, she also had a special place in her heart for her furry children. I can never remember my grandparents without a dog — Callie, Max, and Bandit. She loved all of her dogs, and showered them with love, as well as treats and toys. She had even bought Bandit a Coach collar and a raincoat.

What’s devastating to me about the loss of my grandmother, is that there will be no more little moments and even the big moments. I will never again hear her voice say “hey Nat” at the other end of the phone. I will never again visit her with flowers and eat cookies with her after Christmas. I never really visited my grandmother towards the end of her life, and that’s something that I will always regret. I would give anything just to tell her one more time that I love her one more time, or for one more text message on my birthday.21105547_10214128900444894_873189239676249748_n

While I will miss my grandmother, I know that wherever she is now, she is in peace, and watching QVC in heaven with her dogs by her side. And, she’s probably wearing the high heels that she always wanted to wear.


Rest in Peace, Grandma. I love you.


Guess Whose Giving Up Buying Books for Lent — Again?!?

Last year, I decided to give up buying books for Lent. The reason why was because I wanted to dip into the many books that I already had purchased and actually read them. This actually wasn’t that hard, and I was able to read 11 books that I had lying around and figure out if I want to keep them for my library or get rid of them.

As tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to do it. However, as I organized the closet where most of my books are kept, I realized something. I have over 25 books that I haven’t read yet.


Needless to say, I figured out what I was giving up for 

Wandering around the Barnes and Noble Young Adult Section last year.

Lent this year.

However, what differs from this year is the fact that I won’t have ‘cheat days.’ Last year, I had allotted myself one or two trips to the bookstore to replenish. Usually, those would be special occasions, such as finding a book I wanted for a good price or to celebrate Saint Pat


rick’s Day. While they were few and far between, this time around, I want to ensure that I actually stick to it. And, get to those books.

So, as of tomorrow, I’m going to once again give up buying books. In that time, I hope to read at least ten of the books that have been lying around for a while. Some of the books I hope to read include: Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s Learned by Lena Dunham, All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, Carrie by Stephen King and Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. Furthermore, I hope to get to A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman.

But, before I tackle those books, I have some library books that I have to finish. However, after that, I’ll dive right in and get to those.

So, hopefully, at the end of this, I’ll have created some room with the books I don’t want to keep, and have gotten to some good reads. Wish me luck, folks. I’ll need it. 


Don’t Knock It Til You Try It! Positive Thinking Really Works!

One of the biggest cliches out there is to stay positive whenever you’re having a bad day, and somehow things will get better. I always questioned that mentality. I mean, how could you maintain a positive attitude at all times? After all, there are some days that it can be difficult.

For example, yesterday I was having an awful day. I woke up and was feeling awful — I had a terrible stomach ache and had a headache. Despite my illness, I decided to go into work, and try my best at the tasks I was assigned to do.

It was a struggle, I will admit. However, deciding to just say hello to people and smile changed my entire outlook. I went out of my way to help others, whether it was holding doors for them or greeting strangers in a coffee shop. I kept on reminding myself that “while I feel like crap now, I will get through it and go home to rest.” And, I decided to treat myself to a nice lunch.

Those little things made a huge difference. While it didn’t change how I was feeling physically, it changed how I approached things. I think that’s crucial, because instead of dwelling on how I was feeling, I was focusing on doing something for the greater good and trying to feel good. It worked, because while I was still feeling awful, I attacked my day with a positive mindset. 

So, at the end of the day, we have those two options: to complain or try to be positive. For me, this seems to be the one that works much better. But, that’s just my opinion.

With that being said, it has become a pet peeve of mine when someone complains or continues to dwell on the negative. I hate to break it to you, but you’re not going to get much accomplished or even feel good if you continue to do so. Furthermore, if you’re not doing whatever your best to try to get to change that situation, chances are you’re going to continue to be in it.

So, with that being said, I invite you to look at things with a positive outlook like I did yesterday. And, while things might not be ideal right this second, give yourself the right tools to help you power through it. Chances are, you’ll have a sunnier outcome. 


The Story of a Relationship



It was an early crisp fall day.

Some say that January 1st is the day of new beginnings.

I think that the new school year is a time of tabula rasa.

You sat right next to me.

One day, you said hi.

I wondered if you were always sitting there.

Or, were you something that I noticed now that the surroundings have become familiar?

I didn’t know that by a simple breath, a simple hello.

That I didn’t want to ever say good-bye to you.


Will you ask me?

Will you ask me to be your girlfriend?

Will you ask me to the movies, where who knows what happens in the dark?

Will you do more than gaze at me and never let your feelings known?

What are we?

Are we more than friends?

You smell awfully nice for me to be just a friend.

You paid for my ticket.

What the hell is going to happen next?


The day after December.

I went to your house.

My friend drove me.

Your friend liked her.

For the first time, I thought that maybe this could be something.

I wondered what was going to happen next as you hugged me goodbye.

And comforted me later, as I cried.

You were something.


You suddenly began slipping away.

It was gradual.

I started to notice.

I wondered if it was because of me.

Or was it because of the ghost that haunts your closet.

The demons were too strong for me to compete.

So I took a step back.

Noticed how much you truly were eclipsed with a sea of darkness.

I wanted to be your superhero.

I wished I could take it all away.

However, the battle was meant for you to fight.

I didn’t know when to run.

All of the signals were there.

Yet, I was too stupid to ignore them.

It took one sentence to change my mind about you.

Someone who I thought was good and pure.

Someone who I thought would always have something nice to say.


I didn’t want to think about you.

It hurt that I choose someone who wasn’t you.

It felt like I wasn’t good enough for someone perfect.

I wondered would I ever find that complete perfection?
Or would it be something that I would look at through a glass?

I didn’t know if I ever would achieve that.


I avoided you.

I avoided thinking about you.

If I saw you, I would run away.

That got old.

So, one day I approached you.

I faced my fear head on.


I then wondered what I saw in you.

I look back and feel like that was a lifetime ago.

I managed to come back from you, forever realizing that you are vanilla.

Yes you were perfect.
But your perfection was a result of striving to be perfect.

I will no longer be haunted by your memory.

And, I am now over the blue eyes I once thought were attractive.

Our story is over.

But my own is still happening.