What I Love Wednesday

What I Love Wednesday: October 30th

Happy Hump Day everyone! This week has been a bit of a struggle, so I am so happy that we are at last venturing towards the weekend. Here’s what I have been loving this week:

  • Bath and Body Works Aroma Therapy:

I recently started using some bath gel that I picked up during the summer during the Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale. One of the items that I picked up was the essential oil body wash in lavender. I just started to use it, and it already has been something that I have loved and it’s definitely very calming.

The bad news? Sadly, it’s discontinued. Why does Bath and Body Works always do this to us, especially when we have a scent that we know and love?? Anyways, I did ask the sales assistant when I was there, and they said to try the Stress Relief one. So, we’ll see.

  • Sabotage by JoJo

I have been a huge JoJo fan since I was 10 years old. Therefore, I am always so excited when she releases new music. This has been my jam lately, so if you haven’t heard it yet, be sure to give it a listen.

  • Lose You To Love Me by Selena Gomez

I am not as big of a Selena Gomez fan, because many of her songs are overplayed. However, I am obsessed with her new song, Lose You To Love Me. It’s all about self-acceptance and learning to love yourself. Definitely a positive message.

  • Pumpkin Cupcake Hand Sanitizer:

Lately, I’ve been using a lot of hand sanitizer. Partially, it’s because it’s cold and flu season, the other is because I am obsessed with this scent.

  • Mantrabands:

I’ve been going back and forth with wearing these bracelets regularly, but I have been wearing these a lot lately. What I like about these is that they have so many positive sayings and encouraging sayings to get me through the day. Furthermore, I also have a lot that have a special meaning to me. Some of my favorites include: Self Care Is Not Selfish, Smile, Breathe,and Go Slowly, I Love You More, and Always in My Heart. What is cool is that they come in many different colors as well such as rose and yellow gold.

When wearing my Mantras, I try to wear ones that I will need to hear that day. For instance, if I need to feel like my mom is near me, I wear Always In My Heart. Or, if I want to remind myself it’s important to take care of myself, I wear Self Care Is Not Selfish. I love these bracelets because of their message, and they make great gifts to those who are going through something.

What I Love Wednesday

What I Love Wednesday: Halloween Edition

Happy early Halloween! In the spirit of all Hallow’s Eve, I am going to share with you some things that I love about the holiday.

    It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

It’s my favorite Halloween movie of all time. I am a huge Snoopy fan, so it is always awesome to see this movie.

    Candy Corn

Candy corn is the official candy of Halloween in my opinion. It is also one of my favorite types of candy. Therefore, it’s one thing that I really love about the holiday.

    Starbucks Halloween Frappuccino’s.

Every year, Starbucks comes out with a super awesome limited edition drink. For the past few years, it’s been the Frappula. And, I really like them, even though they are loaded with sugar. They get me in the Halloween spirit, and since they only really come out once a year, why not?

    An excuse to eat candy all day.

Other than Valentine’s Day, Halloween is pretty much the only day that you can eat candy pretty much all day, and it will be socially acceptable. Kit Kat with breakfast? Sure. Reese’s for dinner? YOLO. Any excuse to eat chocolate is good enough for me.

    Pillsbury Pumpkin Sugar Cookies.

It is really a holiday unless you have these cookies? I think not.

    The day after sales.

Half price bags of Reese’s? I’m there. After all, I love getting a good deal. And, who can pass up half price chocolate? Not me. I also am looking forward to heading to Petco to get Lucy some half price Halloween toys.

    Dressing Your Pet Up

My favorite part of Halloween is seeing all of the cute pet costumes. On my dog Maggie’s last Halloween, she proudly paraded around as a queen. This year, I actually went out and bought my new puppy Lucy a costume and I am so excited to show you all.

What do you love about Halloween?


Four Things I Try To Never Buy Online

Online shopping is so convenient and easier ever before. For me, this is even easier since getting an Amazon Prime Membership. However, there are some things in my opinion that you should still try to buy in store, at least at first.

Before I begin, let me say this: if you’ve bought something that’s on this list already and you want to buy a different color or something, than I always turn to the websites because I already know what I am getting.

So, here are some things that you should probably avoid adding to your cart:


Now, I love shopping for purses as much as the next person. However, for me, buying purses is something that you need to see in person before you buy. Otherwise, there’s really no other way to gage the size of the purse that you are buying, or what it actually looks like.

What I’ve also noticed is that purses are the cheapest at the outlets — whether you’re into Coach, Dooney and Bourke, Kate Spade, and so on. Therefore, sometimes the prices online tend to be a little more.


For me, yarn is something that you always have to buy in the store. I’ve had so many instances when I was looking for something online, found something that I thought would match the criteria of what I wanted. So, I bought it. When I got it home, it was so much different than what I was actually looking for. However, when I go to the store, I was able to get exactly what I needed.


Jeans are the weirdest things for me to buy. Sometimes, I need to go a size up. Other times, I need to go a size down. However, I will say this: the size that I always order is never the size that I actually end up needing. Therefore, I have to exchange it for a different size. This all could be avoided if I had went to the store to get them in the first place.

Bath Products:

This is one that always gets me. How do you know what it smells like through your phone or the computer? Exactly.

What I Love Wednesday

What I Love Wednesday: Purses and Cupcakes

Happy Hump Day everyone! Today’s post is being written from my couch, as I am on bed rest until tomorrow due to a sprained knee. I am currently catching up on a lot of TV, and wanted to catch you all up on what I am loving this week.

  • Longchamp Le Pliage bags

These are hands down my favorite purses. I love nylon purses, because they are light and durable. I especially love these, because these purses can fold. These purses are awesome because they fit everything but the kitchen sink. I have both the medium and the large, and they fit so much. I like the large a bit better, because I can fit my laptop or iPad in addition to my regular items.
Many people don’t like these bags due to the lack of compartments and pockets, but I’ve found that to not be an issue. Most of my stuff remains organized, and I can easily find it. And, these are really durable and easy to manage. If you get dirt on it, a little water will get it clean. And, it last forever. Therefore, you get a lot of bang for your buck, which is awesome.

  • Ugg slippers

As I mentioned earlier, I sprained my knee last week. It all started due to a sprained ankle. As a result, my foot was so swollen that I could not wear any other shoe. These were so comfortable, and fit my swollen foot, which was great. I know that I wouldn’t always be able to wear these, but they are so comfortable.

  • It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

Hands down a Halloween classic. I was able to watch it yesterday while my beagle named Lucy, and I was so happy I was able to catch it.

  • To Drink Coffee With A Ghost by Amanda Lovelace

I finished this book yesterday, and was in tears. Amanda Lovelace is one of my favorite poets. I read every book from her Women Are Some kind of Magic series, and loved it. I was so happy to hear that she wrote another series called Things That Haunt. I read the first one, To Make Monsters Out of Girls a little while ago, and loved it. So, if you like poetry, these books are worth checking out.

  • Pumpkin cupcakes

I tried two different kinds of pumpkin cupcakes last weekend from Sugar Bakery, and loved it. The first was Pumpkin S’mores, and the second was Pumpkin Salted Caramel. I thought they were very well done. I liked the caramel one a little bit better because it just tasted like fall. So. Good.

Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday: Outlets 101

Like a lot of people, I like name brands. The main reason is because I love the quality of the items, and how they can last for several years to come. One thing that I don’t love about designer brands? The price tag.

Enter in my love for the outlets. I am fortunate enough to live near not one but three outlet malls. Well, they are about a 30 minute drive away from me, but it’s worth the extra trip.

Many people often diss the outlets, because they have last season’s style or maybe be not what the original stores have. I think that may have been true in the past, but nowadays, I think they have evolved to being just as comparable as the same items as you see in Macy’s. The only difference is that they are cheaper. At least, that’s the only difference that I could find.

And, the savings is substantial. I often find Micheal Kors purses, normally prices at $398 for as little as $80. Furthermore, I also have found Coach Wallets, normally priced at $275, for $60. The same with clothes. I go to the Banana Republic outlet, and often walk out with shirts that are about ten dollars.

Now, with that being said, it can be easy to go crazy with your wallet with all of these good deals. Therefore, here are some of my secrets on ensuring that you get the best deals.

  1. Check out the clearance bins: One of the best things about the outlets? The clearance rack. Many of the ones that I go to often have save an extra 50 percent off in addition to the already reduced price. For example, last weekend I went to the Banana Republic outlet. I found a sweater that was marked to $50, something that I need because I lost a few pounds since my mom died, and none of my clothes are fitting properly. Clearance that day was marked to an additional 50 percent off. So, I paid $24 for a heavy sweater that actually fit.
  2. Log into your phone: One of the cool things about the outlet malls is that many of them are online now. And, if you create an account — which is free, you can access many of them have save an extra ten percent if you spend this. So, if you’re already buying that amount anyways, why not pile a few of the extra savings?
  3. Bring cash: This is what I do to stick to my budget. I get cash, and leave my debit cad at home. Once I’m out of cash, I’m done for the day. This way, I can make sure that I am staying within my means without going overboard.
  4. Do your research: I try to go once every few months, but I try to have a game plan of places that I want to go. If I know I want jeans, I go to the Gap outlet, since they have them for twenty dollars. If I know I want sweaters or dresses, I go to Banana Republic, because the clearance rack is the best place to score them. If I want a new crossbody, I go to Micheal Kors, since I love theirs. I also try to look up those items online so that way I know if I am getting a good deal or not.
  5. Shop around before buying: I often make a few rounds around before actually purchasing something. That way, I know what I want after I see everything and can make purchases I truly love. Last year, I went to the outlets the day after my birthday, and I wanted to treat myself to a purse. I found I liked, left and walked around for a bit. Once I realized that was the one I wanted, I went back and got it. I often find that if you need to think about it, you probably don’t want it. But, if you fall in love with it the second that you lay eyes on, it probably is something you’d be disappointed if you walked away from.
  6. Only shop outlets: Almost all of the items I purchase are from the outlet because I like to save. Therefore, I only shop there. This is already a great way to save, because chances are, you’re not paying regular price for any of it? See, already smart shopping.

Hopefully these tips can help you score some major deals the next time you head to the outlets!

What I Love Wednesday

What I’m Loving Wednesday: October 16, 2019

Hey there readers! I wanted to create a fun new feature called What I Love Wednesday, where I feature five things that I am loving right now. I got this idea from an old blogger friend, and I thought that it might be a good idea to do on here. So, here goes nothing:

1. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel:

I’m only about halfway through season one, but I am loving this show. I love how Midge is constantly overcoming boundaries and is a strong female character. I love how Amy Sherman-Palladino wrote the show. You know, the one that wrote Gilmore Girls. Maybe that’s why I love that? Anyways, my goal for myself is to finish the series before season three comes out later this year.

2. Pumpkin Spice Lattes:

Call me basic. But, I love fall partially because I love the taste of pumpkin — especially pumpkin spice lattes. So, when fall rolls around, I go all out. I can’t resist. With that being said, you’ll catch me at Starbucks almost daily getting my soy pumpkin spice latte.

3. Audiobooks:

I will admit that my stepmother got me into these. I like them for two reasons. The first is because I like to listen to them while I am doing tasks as background noise. Secondly, I love the fact that I can read books even in the smallest of moments. It helps me burn through my to-read pile so much quicker!

4. Sweaters

Now that fall is officially here, I’ve been indulging myself with all of the cozy sweaters. My favorite is an oversized sweater with leggings. Fall is definitely the coziest time of year.

5. Crocheting

I learned how to crochet in March, but recently, I’ve been carving out so much time to crochet at night. Partially because my project that I am working on is for a baby that was born for a few weeks ago, and partially because I have so many projects that I want to make.

So, those are five things that I am loving this week. What are you loving today?


13 Thrillers Worth Reading Those Spooky Season

Spooky season is in full swing, so you know what that means: an appetite for thriller movies. For me, this means spending the month reading thriller novels. So, if you’re like me, here are some of my favorites:

  1. The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine
  2. Ghosted by Rosie Walsh
  3. The Last Time I Saw You by Liv Constantine
  4. The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks
  5. The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides
  6. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
  7. Into the Water by Paula Hawkins
  8. A Simple Favor by Darcey Bell
  9. Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough
  10. All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda
  11. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
  12. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
  13. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

What are some of your favorite thrillers?


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Things To Remember on World Mental Health Day

I found out that today is World Mental Health Day. Hopefully, today we take the time to be more aware of all of the mental illnesses that are out there – from anxiety to depression to eating disorders to bipolar disorder. And, there’s so many more out there that – some that many of us don’t even know unless we have a DSM on hand.

I hope today everyone reading this lets go of judging someone based on behavior and focus more on being more understanding on what they are going through. There are so many of us that judge what’s on the surface, and often, this creates a world of hate versus love.

Additionally, I hope today serves is to help those realize that making mental health a priority is just as important as making the physical one a priority. How many of us tried to practice self-care, or tried to take a moment, only to be told that you don’t need those five minutes to recharge? How many of us talk negatively to ourselves? Or, how many of us have had others take over and tell us that by taking those few minutes for ourselves that we are lazy and being selfish?

I’ve had that happen. And, it sucks.

Everyone is going through something – a divorce, a death or a disorder. Many of us often are stressed by the balance of daily life. And, we decided to put our mental health last. Which kind of sucks if you ask me.

Additionally, it’s important to remember one other thing: there’s nothing wrong or shameful with dealing with a disorder or using medication for a boost in balance. Why are we ashamed about it in the first place? Honestly, I have no idea. Let’s remove the stigmas that we have for those who are suffering, and focus on giving them love and support.

We all can do that, right?

So, with that being said, let’s try to focus on ourselves and our mental health. World Mental Health Day for me means that putting your mental health first no matter what anyone tells you. It means focusing on taking a moment to do yoga, or to sleep in on Saturdays instead of rising up early to get everything crossed off of the to-do list. It means talking to yourself positively, instead of negatively. After all, how many of us take the time to rest when having a cold? Many, right? Now, if we’re having a rough day, let’s take a moment to recharge. It’s not easy, this I know. But, I know we can get there.

With that being said, here is something that everyone needs to hear today, and remind themselves all of the time:

  • You are worth it.
  • It’s okay to take time out for you.
  • Self care is not selfish.
  • It’s okay to admit that you’re struggling.
  • It’s okay to have feelings, and to cry.
  • You are worth wonderful things.
  • Although everything may not seem it, tomorrow will be better.
  • You are beautiful just the way you are.
  • You are loved.
  • You are strong.

For me, putting my mental health first is crucial. Dealing with grief is isolating and confusing, and I know deep down that it is perfectly okay to take moments for myself to mourn, and to show emotion. It’s healthy. And, as long as I do my best, it’s more important than beating myself up for what I didn’t do. In honor of World Mental Health Day, I vow to put my mental health first to create a healthier life. I hope that you all do the same.


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Grief and Relationships

Tomorrow is my two-year anniversary with my boyfriend. By far, this is the longest relationship that I’ve ever been in, which is not really a cause for a celebration. The honeymoon phase is long-gone, and my boyfriend and I have settled in a pattern that is comfortable and never boring.

However, since my mom died, my relationship changed. This is probably natural, as I have changed too. Grief is something that consumes me – not enough to prohibit me from still carrying on my daily responsibilities, but enough to handicap me in daily life. I’ve began to pull away from my relationship a bit – something of which I should have expected.

After a while, I began to notice something else. I would scroll on my social media feeds and see people in relationships – people my age – practically writing novels on how much their significant other means to them. Meanwhile, I would be scrolling on Instagram with writer’s block on my feelings. Was there something wrong with me? Did this mean that I didn’t love my boyfriend?

What I didn’t realize was the difference between them and myself. Those friends didn’t lose a parent less than a year ago. I did. I was dealing with grief and trying to create a new normal. That feeling is so overwhelming that sometimes you just want to crawl into a corner and sit in silence with the TV remote.

I bought up these feelings with my therapist yesterday. I confessed that I thought this meant that I didn’t love my boyfriend. Her response? That is was normal, as you try to create the “new normal.” The brain is more focused on trying to rebuild a stable normal that you pull away.

Completely normal.

She also assured me one other thing – the thing that no one sees when you’re scrolling on social media. The arguments, the misunderstandings, and the issues. She said that no one sees that. Furthermore, there is something that is I have never posted – the fact that my world turned upside down, and my partner chose to stand by me. What you don’t see on my social media is how many Starbucks drinks that I’ve ordered from my phone that he picks up for me. Or, the fact that he listens to me, even if I complain about the same thing over and over again.

What you don’t see is that he is there for me. And, I am pretty lucky that he is there for me as I progress through this journey.

Now, grief is something that will change the relationship – as it changes the person who the grief is affecting. I believe that it’s something that will make or break the relationship Going through the motions of grief is isolating. Some people chose to walk away from the person, as their grief is too overwhelming for them. Others choose to stay – those are the ones that grow stronger.

I guess you can say that I am the latter.

When you’re in a relationship, you often feel that you are not alone, or you’re scared to mention it to your partner. Opening up is difficult for me, as I fear that he would think that I’m complaining or not understanding what I’m feeling. However, when you’re in a relationship, you should probably share the feelings that are bottled up inside you. And, I often wonder how could he understand what I am going through? He’s never lost a parent.

The thing that I am constantly wrong about is that he’s understanding even though he doesn’t understand what I am going through.

And, that’s all that truly matters.

So, here’s what I think about grief and relationships. Of course, the partner may never understand what you are going through. But, it’s the little things that they do to get you through and to make daily life easier. It’s the listening to you vent. It’s the asking what can I do to help? It’s about the little things such as making you dinner, or buying you flowers on a bad day. Of course, you can say that about all relationships, but it applies even more during the journey of grief.

Furthermore, it’s the fact that they want to support you, that truly matters the most.

And, you can’t see all that behind a cute caption and a selfie.

But, honestly, I would take these real moments that I don’t capture any day over the ones that I do.


Five Spooky Reads I Hope To Read This October

When October rolls around, I start getting in a spooky mood. I’m talking about Halloween themed movies, pumpkin flavored everything, and apple cider. And of course, my kryptonite, Apple Cider Donuts.

One of the ways that I do this is through reading a ton of spooky reads. Halloween is fast approaching, and one of the ways I do so is read downright creepy books. This year is no exception. So, to celebrate Halloween, I’ve come up with a list of spooky reads I want to read this October.

  1. Carrie by Stephen King
  2. Hocus Pocus and the All New Sequel by A.W. Jantha
  3. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving
  4. The Perfect Stranger by Meghan Miranda
  5. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get through most of these. But, we’ll see. What is your favorite spooky read?