Opinions on Opinions 

We all can agree that everyone on this earth is born with one thing — an opinion. That opinion is formed by several things including: experiences, education, surroundings, beliefs, religious affiliations, and your likes and dislikes. This is why each and every one of us on this planet have a different thing. 

And I think that it is excellent. It should be something that we all should rejoice and celebrate. Instead, in my recent experiences, it has now become a catalyst for an ugly debate — one that ends up turning into an exchange of “you’re wrongs” and other brutal words. 

What is even more upsetting is that I know people who are scared to voice their opinions because they are afraid of the backlash. 

I think that’s the worst thing ever. 

Nowadays, there is an abundance of diverse opinions that are floating around. This is especially true with the increased usage of social media, as you can log online and see someone’s opinion right on your newsfeed. Sometimes, it can be like going into opinion overload, as you can read over 10 different opinions before having your morning coffee. 


With that being said, there’s also another pitfall of social media — the ability to comment. With every post, there’s always a list of comments. For example, I recently wrote an article on CTBoom about Why There Shouldn’t Be Another Season of Gilmore Girls. I belong to a Gilmore Girls group on Facebook, and posted it to help generate more views, in addition to conversation. Half of the comments were statements that I was wrong. The other half were people trying to tear me down because of my writing. 

Well then. 

I wasn’t asking for them to agree. I just was interested in what they had to say. It truly bothered me that it resulted in insulted. And, of course, I wanted people to read my writing. 

And it was brought on by people who shared a different opinion than myself! 

When that happened, it really got me thinking. Do we live in a society that results in insult when we don’t agree? Whatever happened to be in a coexisting melting pot? 

My ideal society is one that allows everyone to vocalize their opinions without the fear of being hounded. This includes: political affiliation, religious beliefs, and about whether or not they like a certain song/tv show/movie. It bothers me to no end when a Hillary supporter yells at a Trump one because they don’t agree. Instead of yelling, let’s listen. Let’s have a discussion to learn why they feel that way. And, most importantly, let’s respect the different opinions that come on our newsfeeds. 

Maybe that’s an unrealistic utopian society. However, one can dream. 


Why I Did Not Like The New Taylor Swift Song

I was watching the VMAs, and was one of the many people who tuned in to watch Taylor Swift’s newest music video, Look What You Made Me Do. And, after watching the video, it left a bad taste in my mouth. However, before you hound all over me, Swfities please just hear me out. I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan, and I loved all of her five albums. In fact, I joke that Taylor Swift is my guilty pleasure. But, with that being said, this new Taylor isn’t for me.

The song is undoubtedly about Swift’s feud with Kayne West and Kim Kardashian West, and the video is a response to the criticism that Swift received post-feud. In addition to that, it’s also a response to the many things that haters say about Swift.

After all, the video starts off by saying “here lies Taylor Swift’s reputation.” And, has all of the past eras of “Swifts” coming together to voice the criticisms that Swift has — that she likes playing the victim, that she’s a snake, and of course, the fact that she isn’t even that nice.

Now, I’m not their biggest fans myself. However, I believe that a song about the matter is both immature and just an opportunity to start more drama.

However, I get why Taylor wrote the song. And, I like the song, don’t get me wrong. It’s pretty catchy, and the lyrics are amazing. However, to me this seems like a song that should stay in private — not on the radio.

Of course, part of Taylor Swift’s charm is the fact that she writes songs about her life. As a writer, I get that. A huge part of being a writer of any kind is using it as a cathartic release of emotion. However, just as I wouldn’t write something personal and vindictive on my blog, Swift shouldn’t have released that song.

What I would have liked to see instead is someone singing about rising about hardships, and just “shaking it off” what haters have to say. But, at the end of the day, you do you Taylor.

If the old Taylor is truly dead, then I’m a little unsure if I like this new one. But, I have high hopes for Reputation, out November 10.


The Highs and The Lows

About a year ago, I began to write this blog — well rather post more frequently than before. At the time, I wanted somewhere that was my space to write, and something that I wanted to really blossom into something big.

One year later, it is bigger than I could have ever imagined. 101 (102 counting the one that I am writing now) posts and almost 3,000 views later, it is safe to say this website is truly my corner of the world.

And, I ain’t going nowhere.

I’ve been thinking about where I was in life when I first started this blog. I was mending a broken heart. I was beginning to start my final semester of college. I was moving forward with my anxiety, and at last, truly getting better.

It’s been one hell of a year — one full of both ups and downs. The ups — graduating college, finding a job that I love at a local radio station, and surrounding myself with people who help me float. The downs– learning to forgive those who have hurt me, accepting the consequences of mistakes, learning about the right and wrong place to work, and jewelry and metals class. However, the truth is that I am truly happy with everything that is going on in my life — even if I don’t post as much as I would like.

A coworker once commented that I am always happy and smiling whenever he saw me. And I am. I’m happy to be at a place where I am truly happy. I am happy with my job. I am happy with the people who I surround myself with. And, I am leading a life that is balanced as much as humanly possible.

Two thumbs up, I must say.

However, over the past 365 days or so, I realized something. Life is full of highs and lows. As Aerosmith says in the song “Dream On,” “sometimes you’ve got to lose in order to win.” And, I fully believe that is 100 percent true. You’ve got to know how hard life can get, just so you can appreciate the good times when they come.

Furthermore, I believe the rough times in life — the times of doubt and confusion — are what defines your character. It doesn’t matter what hand you’re dealt with. What matters what your next move is. For me, it meant learning about how to take the wheel in my life. For me, it was about learning about what I wanted, and vocalizing it. For me, it was working my mental muscles to become stronger.

And, as for the anxiety, I think it’s better than when I first went down road two years ago. Anxiety will continue to plague my life, without a doubt. But, it’s up to me to let it define me. At the end of the day, I am not my mental illness. I am not a panic attack. I am Natalie. In fact, I gave a sermon declaring that very thing last November. 

So, here’s to the highs. Let’s enjoy every ‘feel good’ moment and good vibe that comes my way. And here’s to the lows. In those moments, let’s remember that we can power through with a smile and a feel good attitude that we can get through.

And, here’s to us. You — the reader — and, me — the person sitting behind this computer blogging. Together we made one year of blog posts happen. We’ve also made a difference. Here’s to another year of doing exactly that.


Focus Less On Others’ Opinions, More On You

There are so many people in this world who seem to have an opinion. Well, that’s understandable, because everyone has one, although some are more outspoken to share it then others are.

With all of these opinions floating around in the air, it is easy to follow the sounds of those voices, rather than listen to your own. As a disclaimer, when you do that, you often become unhappy. And, isn’t the point of life is lead one to be happy, whether or not it pleases the people around you?

It’s easier said than done. Many people who have opinions often come from weird sources. For instance, many people often believe the notion that if they were able to do that without problem, you should too.

For example, when I was in college, I took four classes instead of the typical five that was recommended. However, I found it difficult to manage working at a newspaper, working at another job, and managing a course load that size. Therefore, I took four classes for my last three semesters, just because it was what I could manage and still maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Many people often questioned why I was doing that. A few comments that I got included: why don’t you want to get the classes out of the way so you can graduate on time? Aren’t you wasting money when you can get an extra class out of the way? Can’t you just get better at time management? Don’t get me wrong — I appreciated hearing everyone’s input on how I should do things. Those were some things that I considered. I did have to graduate a semester later because of it. I also talked about it with my mom — who was paying my tuition — who said that it was fine to do so. And of course, I used a planner and wrote everything down.

What no one asked me was how I benefited from doing that. Because I had less classes to focus on, I managed to get the best grades in my entire college career — I’m talking a 3.85 GPA.  

Overtime, I began to realize something. The less I tuned into what everyone else had to say about how I lived my life, the more I enjoyed it. Therefore, I believe you should focus on one thing — on doing what makes you happy.