Didn’t John Lennon Say Give Peace A Chance?

Inspired by John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance.”

Everyone seems to be talking about someone.

Donald Trump insulting the someone new everyday,

Hillary Clinton and her emails,

Kim Kardashian, as she tries to maintain her fame,

or Caitlyn Jenner.

I wonder why we can’t give peace a chance.


People seem to seem to be talking,

but no one seems to be listening.

And all we should be saying is:

“Give peace a chance.”


Everyone seems to be talking about an -ism,

Feminism, racism, fascism, terrorism, communism.

You know, those old issues

But all I’m saying is

“Give peace a chance.”

Everyone seems to be talking about trying to prevent an event,

Sandy Hook, Hurricane Sandy, Boston Bombings,

9/11, Paris Shootings, Columbine.

But, with all of those tragedies in mind,

can’t we just give peace a chance?

Maybe John Lennon was onto something.

Maybe he knew that peace was the answer to the bombings,

the arguments, the messy politics, and the wars.

Maybe he knew that maybe if instead of talking we should listen.

Maybe all we need to do is to give peace a chance.

The Importance of Time

I believe that the most important thing that anyone can give you is their time. Why? Because we only have so much time in a day — 24 hours comprised of 60 minute intervals. And, not to put a damper on this post, but we really don’t know when our last second will be. Therefore, it’s important for us to enjoy every minute of everyday.

One of the problems many people — myself included — tend to have is time management. What is an important way to manage our time? How do we do it in a way that’s effective? And, most importantly, how do we do it, and still manage to do the things that we love?

After all, I feel that sometimes we often forget we do in fact lose sight on the importance of ‘me’ time — time devoted to doing the things that we love such as read, exercise or even watch an episode of Netflix. Why? Well, sometimes it could be from work — you work later or more, for extra cash or to make sure you’re doing a good job. Or, you could be swept up in the attempts to do things for other people.

Either way, you’re putting the needs of yourself behind everyone and everything else — somewhere where it probably shouldn’t be.

I think that we owe ourselves responsibility in the same manner that we owe the other people and things in our lives, whether it may be to make sure that we get enough sleep, making sure we take five minutes to go to the gym or even breathe. In fact it’s called a little thing called self care.

Therefore, it’s more important than ever to manage our time throughout our busy lives so we can do that. And, by doing that, you’re only improving your performance for the other roles that you have in your life — mother, father, worker, friends, girlfriend, etc. I think that it’s something that many often forget.

But, the question is, how do we accomplish this? Well, it’s simple. We take five minutes to eat our lunches without doing any work. In addition to scheduling time for our work meetings, we also take the time to schedule time to exercise and to balance our schedules with something fun. We also take the time to just breath, to veg out and to take a bubble bath.

It’s all about balance, people.

I too struggle with this There was a time in my life where I would devote myself solely to work and school. During that time in my life, I felt that I constantly kept on going and going. I also had a job that took over every minute of my life — where I would stay late almost every night, and do work on weekends and night. In both instances, those aren’t healthy.

Looking back, I wonder now what would have happened if I had put myself a priority versus everything else in my life. I’m pretty sure if I drew the line from that, if I had said ‘no, it’s not going to work out for me,’ I would have been happier and maybe have been able to get through these stressful moments ten times easier. I now know that I owe it to myself to do so — and make sure that I make myself a priority.

So, the next time you are stressed out for any reason — work, school, balancing work and school — take a moment and look at how you spend your time. Chances are, you need to devote more to yourself.

Elton John’s Love Songs

Can you feel the love tonight?

I know I was able to,

as we drove to the beach on the cold highway in late August.

Your song was on the radio

It was a slow sad song,

about a lonely soul who had no valentines.

I guess that’s why sad songs say so much.


There’s something about the way you look tonight,

that makes me realize you’re the one.

I don’t believe the end will come for us,

despite the sacrifice of long distance.


Don’t go breaking my heart,” I tell you,

as you say “I couldn’t if I tried.”

Your healing hands embrace me,

and I whisper softly,

Hold me closer, tiny dancer.”


The Indian sunset signaled it was time to go,

a goodbye soon to follow.

But we’ve said goodbye before,

and I’m still standing.


Long distance relationships are the reason why

I guess that’s why they call it the blues.

In the 1989 Mindset: Inspired By Taylor Swift

I leave you behind for a sign that says

“Welcome to New York.”

You didn’t want to come with me to my new world,

so I had to leave you in Connecticut.

I clutch my Starbucks in one hand, and my suitcase in the other,

my name is written in Sharpie marker in the blank space

on the Starbucks cup.

I walk down storefronts, with mannequins that had more

style, money and poise than I ever will.

I used to think that “we’d never go out of style.”


The city seems to engulf me,

but my mind seems to span farther than the skyscrapers.

I will never be out of the woods or in the clear from you.

the memory of you screaming at me

all you had to do was stay,

haunts me.

I just can’t shake it off your facial expression

as I walked out that door.


I look down at my phone,

no missed text messages,

no missed calls.

I would never text you,

but I wish you would text me.


There’s nothing but bad blood between us now,

where there used to be “mad love.”

not even in my wildest dreams.


I see a guy catcalling a girl from a cab,

and I can’t help but think is,

that’s not how you get the girl,

but you didn’t know how to keep one.


But soon, my mind comes back on you,

this love is something that will never leave me.

I know places where the memories won’t hurt me,

that’s in the city in my new life.

Maybe the Big Apple is where I’ll be finally clean,

away from your ghost,

and your imprint on my heart.


Note: The poem was inspired by the album 1989 by Taylor Swift.


Today is my 23rd birthday, and as Blink-182 would say “nobody likes you when you’re 23.” Well, I would like to argue with that statement — everybody likes me when I’m 23.

College graduation, December 2016. With Gabu!


For the past few days, I’ve been thinking about this past year of my life. Man, I did a lot. It was the year I graduated college. It was the year I got better at controlling my anxiety. I t was the year I realized that the first job out of college isn’t always the right job — and that’s okay. It was the year I got my heart broken, saw a Moody Blues concert, and began to write the very blog that you are reading. It was the year that I fell in love with life, and the little things that it has to offer. And finally, it was also the year I learned that despite almost two decades of being in school, I don’t always have the answers. And that’s okay.

I will say this — Taylor Swift was right about one thing about being 22 — it’s happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way. It’s miserable and magical.” And it is. Just beginning your adult life after college is strange, but the best feeling is waking up and realizing it all happens for some unknown reason.

Tonight, I’ll celebrate 22 years of life in the company of some of my amazing pals. With that, I am grateful for their company, as well as the well wishes of those who took time to wish me a happy birthday.

So . . . here’s to 23!

I Deserve It

I spent so much time —

crying and burying myself

in sadness.

I struggled with the weight on my shoulders —

its pain overpowering me.

But, no more.


I let it go.

I release it into the air —

almost as if it is a hundred ballots that I release towards heaven,

or dandelions whose petals are thrown into the wind.

I have wings,

I am flying now,

floating on the estasy of leaving this behind.




I deserve to be happy.

I went through enough,

so that’s the least that could happen.

I deserve a champion —

a prize fighter like Rocky.


I move forward,

hopeful that he shows up.


But, yet.


I don’t regret any of it.

It made me stronger,

it made me a fighter.

After all, I am Italian,

you know like Tony Soprano or John Gotti.

Getting through everything made me realize

I am worth it,

which is why I am cocky,

which is why I am full of myself.

It’s why I fly away from the clouds,

ready to feel the rays of the sun.

Understanding the Relationship Between Physical and Mental Health

Until recently, I never quite understood the marriage between physical and mental health. That is, until I decided to up my health and fitness game — I decided to eat a little healthier, cut out down my coffee drinks, and exercised a bit more to make sure I reached my step goal on my Fitbit.

And, I noticed a change in myself. I noticed I was happier, and slept better during the night. In addition to that, I noticed that my clothes began to fit me a little looser than they did when I first bought them — an ultimate win.

When many people try a new diet or exercise program, they often have one goal in mind — weight loss. Which is fine, if you ask me — but that shouldn’t be the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal should be to get healthy.

Focusing more on your physical health is something does wonders for your mental. Remember when Elle Woods said in Legally Blonde: “Exercise gives you endorphin. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” And, she’s right. According an article on Mayo Clinic called “7 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity,” regular physical activity “stimulates various brain chemicals that leave you feeling happier and more relaxed.” And in my experiences, it always manages to help release stress when you’re feeling highly stretched, and helps keep you calm when anxious. In fact, it was something that my therapist recommended when I went to therapy.

Definitely worth the trip to the gym in the morning then.

In addition to making it a point to regularly exercise, it is also important to stay hydrated — especially in the hot summer heat. If you know me, you know that I carry around a bottle of water pretty much all of the time, and drink at least three glasses of water at dinner.  Believe it or not, staying hydrated has some effects on your mental health as well as your physical. According to an article on Active Beat entitled “10 Benefits of Staying Hydrated,” hydration is closely related to “balancing mood and emotions.” And this is on top of the physical benefits, which include help keep your body cool, helps keep you from being thirsty, and cleanses toxins. And, by opting for water instead of soda, you reduce calories and sugar intake even further.

It’s always an amazing feat when one makes a change to improve their overall being — whether it may be to go to a therapist, start running, or change their food intake. By making you and your health a priority, it only helps you be a stronger and better person. By taking 20 minutes a day to walk, it makes the other 23 hours and 40 minutes of the day ten times better, because you are more focused and less stressed.

And, can’t we all use a bit more of that? I certainly think so.